Lab Day Chicago 2024 Act 5 with Carrie Ling, Randi James, David Lesh, Nitasha Rizvi, Beth Brown, Lola Welch, & Julia Glancey

Episode 318 · April 29th, 2024 · 1 hr 9 mins

About this Episode

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This week we showcase that last 4 conversations we got while in the Ivoclar Ballroom at LMT Lab Day Chicago 2024.

First up is Randi James from Renstrom Dental Studio and Carrie Ling from Lifelike Dental Studio who talk about meeting for the first time and forming an important friendship that has helped them grow both of their labs.

Then we are visited once again by David Lesh from 8&9 Consulting who gives us all the low down on gross profit margins, cost of good sales, and how labs can make a few changes to go from breaking even to turning a profit.

Following up is Nitasha Rizvi who does ALL the work for a surgical group within a DSO. She talks about going the New York City College of Technology and finding her way to be a technician and teacher at Harvard.

We wrap up the whole weekend with a stellar cast of dental technicians from the UK. Bethany Brown, Lola Welch, and Julia Glancey stop by to tell us about their experience of coming to America, comparing Lab Day to show in the UK, and what they are speaking on for some upcoming shows.

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