Back at LMT Lab Day Chicago Part 2: Randi & Scott James, Lorene Flores, Jennifer Cowherd

Episode 210 · April 4th, 2022 · 59 mins 10 secs

About this Episode

Did you miss LMT Lab Day Chicago? Want to feel like you were there? Did you go and want to go back? We do too! This is the next best thing to it. Three amazing conversation we got while at the Preat booth. First up is Randi & Scott James from Renstom Dental Studios talking about all the growth they have had since the last time we talked to them and what the two are doing while at the show. Then we talk to the ONLY female lab owner in all of Aruba. Lorene Flores, owner of Bio Dental Lab, is doing big things in the industry on a small exotic island. When she's not hosting Cool FM 98.9, Aruba's hottest radio show, she's always striving to improve and offer products the other labs don't offer. Then we wrap up the whole episode talking to the only removable lab technician at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry, Jennifer Cowherd. Jennifer talks about having to work with students and faculties, coming to Lab Day for the first time, and how the toothcreep brought out the creeps.

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